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Why One Charlotte Realty?

One Charlotte Realty stands out from other real estate brokerages due to its unique approach to commissions and client empowerment. Oliver Hoffmann, a reputable real estate professional, is committed to providing fair and affordable services to clients in Charlotte.

At One Charlotte Realty, Hoffmann has introduced a groundbreaking commission structure that deviates from the traditional 6% model. Instead, he offers a significantly reduced listing commission of only 1%. This approach allows sellers to save substantially on their transaction costs while still receiving full-service support.

Furthermore, Hoffmann recognizes the importance of giving clients options and control. Sellers have the flexibility to choose the commission percentage they are comfortable paying to the buying agent, ranging from $0 to 3%. This empowers clients to align their financial goals with their desired level of service.

By offering this innovative commission structure, One Charlotte Realty aims to revolutionize the real estate industry in the area. Hoffmann's dedication to providing exceptional service, combined with his commitment to transparency and affordability, sets One Charlotte Realty apart as a trusted and forward-thinking brokerage.

Clients can expect top-notch service and a personalized approach to their real estate needs when working with One Charlotte Realty.

About the Founder of One Charlotte Realty: Oliver Hoffmann.

Introducing Oliver Hoffmann, a seasoned globetrotter,  fluent in 4 languages who grew up in England, Switzerland, Germany, and France and has lived in the USA since 2003 and became a US-Citizen in 2008.

Today, he proudly stands as the visionary Founder and Owner of One Charlotte Realty, a thriving real estate enterprise driven by his leadership and expertise.

With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, Hoffmann's entrepreneurial drive has led him to establish five successful real estate brokerages. His journey began in 1999 with the inauguration of his first Real Estate Brokerage in Cannes, in the prestigious Côte d'Azur region in the South of France also known as the French Riviera. This venture achieved remarkable success, expanding to include 15 real estate agents, a skilled manager, and a portfolio of over 100 listings. He later orchestrated a strategic sale of this flourishing enterprise.

In 2003, Oliver Hoffmann set his sights on the American dream and relocated to Miami, USA, where he launched another prosperous Real Estate Brokerage. Despite the market downturn in 2008, he remained undeterred and embarked on a new chapter by moving his brokerage to Charlotte, NC. His strategic decision was driven by Charlotte's resilience during the 2008 financial crisis, unlike the South Florida Real Estate Market.

Within just five years, his brokerage in Charlotte became a prominent player in the local real estate landscape, eventually culminating in a significant sale. In 2013, Hoffmann made a return to South Florida, unveiling Pompano Beach Realty—a cutting-edge brokerage located in the heart of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Building upon his flourishing business at Pompano Beach Realty and Gainesville Realty, Oliver Hoffmann has set his sights on further expanding his success. With a strategic vision in mind, he has made the decision to once again open a real estate brokerage in Charlotte, NC.

Hoffmann aims to leverage his expertise, experience, and proven track record to establish another influential player in the local real estate landscape. With his keen entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to exceptional service, he is confident in his ability to provide top-notch real estate solutions and contribute to the growth and development of the Charlotte, NC community.

As a visionary leader, Oliver Hoffmann is dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals and businesses in the real estate industry. Through his new venture in Charlotte which he named One Charlotte Realty, he aims to continue his impressive legacy and make a positive impact on the local market.

With his proven success in multiple locations, Hoffmann's decision to open a real estate brokerage in Charlotte, NC is a testament to his ambition and drive to continuously expand and thrive in the industry.

Beyond real estate, Oliver Hoffmann's passion takes flight. As a skilled aviator with a commercial pilot license and a type rating to fly LearJets, he has navigated the skies across the Caribbean, Central and South America, and throughout the United States.

In addition to his role at One Charlotte Realty and Pompano Beach Realty, Oliver Hoffmann also serves as the broker and owner of Gainesville Realty, showcasing his multifaceted expertise in the real estate arena. To connect with this remarkable visionary and discover the unparalleled journey that has shaped his impressive legacy, feel free to reach out to him via email.



Hoffmann has owned and sold 6 Real Estate Brokerages on 2 continents and in 2 US-States

Homes Sold

His companies have sold over 4,000 Homes.


His companies have sold over $3.9 Billion worth of real estate.

years of experience

Hoffmann started his Real Estate Career in 1999

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