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Get More, Pay Less: Sell Your Home with One Charlotte Realty for as little as 1%!

Sell your Home for 1%*

One Charlotte Realty distinguishes itself as a standout real estate brokerage through its unique approach to commissions and client empowerment. Led by the reputable and 25 year seasoned real estate professional, Oliver Hoffmann, the company is dedicated to providing fair and affordable services to clients in the Charlotte areas.

One Charlotte Realty is an exceptional choice for several reasons. Firstly, we offer a highly competitive listing fee of only 1% to list a property. This reduced commission allows sellers to save on their overall selling costs, putting more money back into their pockets.

Additionally, our unique commission structure gives sellers the freedom to choose the compensation they wish to provide to the buyer's agent. Sellers can decide to offer anywhere from 0% up to 3% to the buyer's agent, depending on their preferences and negotiation strategies. This flexibility allows sellers to have more control over their expenses and tailor their commission structure to meet their specific needs.

Furthermore, we encourage buyers agents to sign a buyer-broker agreement with their clients, which ensures that the buyer's agent is compensated for their services directly by the buyer. This arrangement creates a transparent and fair compensation system, where the buyer's agent is rewarded for their expertise and assistance in finding the perfect home for their buyer.

By offering a 1% listing commission and giving sellers the freedom to choose the compensation for the buyer's agent, One Charlotte Realty provides a cost-effective and customizable solution to sellers.
We believe in empowering our clients and providing them with the flexibility to make decisions that align with their goals and financial interests.

Choose One Charlotte Realty for a unique and innovative approach to real estate, where you can save on real estate commissions. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a satisfying real estate experience for all parties involved.

One Charlotte Realty aspires to revolutionize the Charlotte real estate industry through its innovative commission structure. Hoffmann's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, coupled with his emphasis on transparency and affordability, establishes One Charlotte Realty as a trusted and forward-thinking brokerage.

Clients who choose to work with One Charlotte Realty can expect nothing less than top-notch service and a personalized approach to their real estate needs. With a focus on client empowerment and cost-effective solutions, One Charlotte Realty is poised to exceed expectations and redefine the real estate experience in Charlotte.

*One Charlotte Realty charges a 1% listing commission for all Homes that sell over $500,000. For any listing that sells below $500,000, One Charlotte Realty, Inc. applies a fixed listing commission of $5,000, which will be charged to the seller at closing. This commission is separate from any buyers agent commission decided on and approved by the seller, which is payable to the buyer's brokerage at closing, if applicable.

In light of our competitive commission structure, we kindly request that the seller covers the expenses associated with the photography and measurement services for their home at the time of service. Typically, this cost amounts to a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the home.